Easiest Way to Cook Yummy Recipe cheese pizza bread pakoda

Recipe cheese pizza bread pakoda. A triple dhamaka for your tastebuds! First you bite into a pakoda to find a pizza hiding inside with bread & cheese waiting to stretch out! Its great to have delicious food every day, and for that, you would require a good recipe for making tasty dishes, so yes! you.

Recipe cheese pizza bread pakoda Bread pizza can be made in a oven or on a stovetop. Mozzarella cheese, four cheese, cheddar cheese, feta cheese or pizza cheese can be used for the topping. Mix butter and garlic in a small bowl and set aside. You can have Recipe cheese pizza bread pakoda using 14 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Recipe cheese pizza bread pakoda

  1. It’s of gram flour.
  2. You need of rice flour.
  3. It’s of salt.
  4. It’s of bread slices.
  5. You need of mozzeralle cheese grated.
  6. Prepare of chilli flakes.
  7. You need of oregano.
  8. You need of pizza sauce.
  9. It’s of Mayonnaises.
  10. You need of black pepper Powder.
  11. Prepare of onion finely chopped.
  12. It’s of tomato finely chopped dessed.
  13. It’s of oil for frying.
  14. You need of water.

Cheddar Cheese Pizza FondueTaste of Home. About Bread Pakora Recipe: The undisputed king of snacks, is an easy to make home recipe. Crispy from outside and soft from inside, Bread pakora has a spicy and tangy taste that is sure to give a mouth-watering experience. Enjoy this potato-filled snack recipe which is deep fried with a cup of hot.

Recipe cheese pizza bread pakoda instructions

  1. First take a bowl make a batter of gram flour add gramflour add chilliflakes,oregano,salt to taste,black pepper pwder, riceflour and 1 pinch baking soda then make a thick slurry using with water.
  2. Now take a plate arrange the bread slices put on one slices mayonnise and other side ketchup then add grated cheese then our topping again add cheese and sprinkle some our seasoning.cover it with another slice..
  3. Now take a woke add oil and heat it up.when the oil hot then take our pizza pakoda and dip in the batter and nicely coated and it's ready to deep fry.now fry it till become golden.when it's ready take in a kitchen towel add serve immediately with your fav dipping.to more enhance the taste add little bit chat masala..(note.if you dont wont deep fry you can shallow fry on the pan and cook till our pizza pakoda becoming ctispy and cheese becoming melt).
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The pizza was TERRIBLE! – so I've been making this ever since. it's my own recipe, but I've made it so many times I can do it with my eyes closed. This recipe is foolproof, and I. My Homemade Cheesy Pizza Bread has yet to disappoint! This popular appetizer is gooey, cheesy, and quick & easy to make. Keywords: brazilian cheese bread recipe, cheese appetizer, cheese bread recipe, cheese breadsticks, easy appetizer finger foods, easy appetizer for.

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