Recipe: Yummy Oreo Brownie Cheesecake

Oreo Brownie Cheesecake.

Oreo Brownie Cheesecake You can have Oreo Brownie Cheesecake using 4 ingredients and 10 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Oreo Brownie Cheesecake

  1. It’s 1 box of Oreo Cookies & Cream Cheesecake Mix.
  2. Prepare 1 packages of Oreos OR whatever chocolate sandwhich cookie you like (i used Dunkaroo's).
  3. It’s 1 box of Chocolate Chip Brownies OR whatever type of brownies you desire.
  4. You need 1 of Chocolate Syrup -Optional-.

Oreo Brownie Cheesecake instructions

  1. Prepare Crust as directed in pie pan.
  2. Use the oreo's that came in the package and crumble over the crust. ONLY USE ENOUGH TO COVER THE CRUST. Save the rest for the cheesecake.
  3. Prepare your cheesecake as directed. Add the rest of the oreos..
  4. Pour the cheesecake mixture into the pan.
  5. Take your brownies & crumble them over the cheesecake. Size doesn't matter. Crumble them however big or small you want..
  6. Take your package of Oreo's or chocolate sandwich cookies & crumble them over the cheesecake.
  7. Use the cookies and place around the pie pan. Your crust should still be wet so they should sit right into the crust..
  8. Add chocolate syrup if you'd like.
  9. Place in the FREEZER for about 2 hours to firm..
  10. Enjoy !.

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