Recipe: Tasty Easy oreo truffles with detailed steps.

Easy oreo truffles with detailed steps.. Easy Oreo Truffles: These truffles are super simple to make and don't take much time or effort. For sharing with your couple or indulging them by yourself they taste amazing so eat with measure. I hope you enjoy this Instructable and any question or feedback is very.

Easy oreo truffles with detailed steps. Perfect for a party and also as DIY gifts. Made both ways with white chocolate and dark chocolate! Completely grind entire package of Oreo cookies. You can have Easy oreo truffles with detailed steps. using 3 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Easy oreo truffles with detailed steps.

  1. You need 1 box of Cream cheese, softened..
  2. It’s 1 packages of Oreos.
  3. You need 1 packages of Chocolate/white chocolate bark or morsels.

I find that the easiest and fastest way to do this is Combine Oreo cookie grounds and softened cream cheese into a mixer bowl, and blend on low until Set formed balls in rows on the cookie sheet. You can wear gloves for this step, but it really isn't. These oreo truffles don't require any baking and they make a great food gift for friends and family. If you're looking for an easy dessert recipe, these Oreo Truffles (aka Oreo Balls) require no baking and are a great treat for family and friends.

Easy oreo truffles with detailed steps. step by step

  1. Crush oreos to a fine ground, (use a blender, food processor, potato masher, rolling pin method) save about 1/4 cup of crumbs as garnish.
  2. In large bowl add cream cheese and begin to "massage" into the cookie crumbs, mix well for an even flavor. A dough like mixture should form..
  3. Roll into "ping pong" size balls. Pop into freezer to hardened for about 10 – 15 minutes. During that time, melt chocolate, I like using both dark and white, semi-sweet works well for a less sweet coating. Also, adding a bit of shortening to melted morsels (not bark!) Helps get a smooth finish..
  4. Remove from freezer and with slotted spoon, fork, or small spoon, dip in chocolate. Work quickly with the first few because they are fresh out of the freezer so chocolate will harden faster. If easier, tilt bowl so chocolate makes a deeper "puddle" and drop ball into it while quickly rolling it in the chocolate.
  5. Place on wax paper or even foil. If you have neither, a plate or metal pan that will fit in freezer should be fine,( once cold enough you can just pluck them off the pan or plate. ) while wet, sprinkle left over crumbs on truffle or use sprinkles..
  6. Decorate or just leave as is, place in candy cups if you want, and enjoy!.

These easy Easter Oreo truffles are quick to make with just a few ingredients. They are perfect for a last minute holiday treat. I dipped mine in white chocolate, just because I'm in a Spring mood and love everything light and bright, but dark chocolate would be great! Place your Oreo truffles back on the baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Once all of your balls are coated with white chocolate, melt your dark With a spoon, drizzle the chocolate over the truffles. (You can be creative with this step and put crushed Oreos or any other topping of your choice on top.

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